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Important Information on Curriculum for Currently Enrolled Students

Effective this semester, a brand new curriculum has been implemented within the college. This curriculum is intended to enhance your skill set and make you more marketable upon graduation. It reflects faculty expertise as well as the current information that practitioners in the industry tell us is necessary for success in each of the respective areas that you are majoring in.

Please be aware that

  • Nobody will lose any credit for courses already taken.
  • These changes will not impact upon anybody’s prospective graduation date.
  • No concentrations have been eliminated, though some have been expanded or placed within a broader context.
  • Current freshmen and sophomores will automatically be placed in the new curriculum.
  • Current seniors will complete their concentration from the old curriculum. If, in the event that a course is not being offered or was eliminated, your advisor will plug in another course for you to complete the requirements.
  • With current juniors or transfers with junior standing or above, every effort will be made to have you complete the requirements in the new curriculum. During advisement at the end of this semester, you and your advisor will determine the best option for you.
  • Our overall goal is to get as many students onto the new curriculum as possible.

Note: The primary structural change to the curriculum involves the addition of two “Focus” areas comprised of two courses within each concentration. The way this works is that within your chosen concentration, you will be required to take three courses (two in Luxury Hospitality Operations) and then you have a choice of one of two focus areas within that concentration. Each focus area contains two courses (Luxury Hospitality Operations has three). Therefore a concentration is comprised of five courses, for example, you would have a major in “Sport Management” with a concentration in” Revenue Management” and a focus in either "Concessions Management” or “External Relations.”

Summation of Changes in Each Concentration

Hotel and Restaurant Major

  • Concentration: "Planning, Development & Operating A Hotel Property" - All four courses that made up the concentration are retained. A "Property Development" focus was added comprised of two new courses. MHR 438, a new course primarily developed for the "Luxury Hospitality Operations” concentration, is also present in one focus area. No other changes.
  • Concentration: "Food and Beverage Management" - All four courses that comprised the old Foodservice Management concentration were retained. The old "Entrepreneurship" concentration was added as a focus area, so students with a concentration in entrepreneurship will now have a concentration in "Food and Beverage Management" with a focus in "Entrepreneurship."
  • Concentration: "Luxury Hospitality Operations" - Note: This structure requires two concentration courses and three focus courses. This is a new concentration that allowed us to take existing courses that were very popular and combine them into the areas of Club Management and Resort and Spa Management. This involves only one new course, MHR 438, which also appears in the "Planning, Development and Operation" concentration. MHR 337 was eliminated with some material becoming part of MHR 461.

Sport Management and Recreation Major

  • Concentration: "Sports Operation" - All four courses are retained, with SPM 360 becoming a core requirement. Two focus courses already exist (SPM 395 and TRM/SPM 497) with two new courses added (TRM 355 and SPM462).
  • Concentration: "Revenue Management" - Brand new concentration with three of the four concentration courses already existing, as well as three of the four focus courses.

Tourism and Event Major

  • Concentration: "Tourism Destination Management"- All four courses are retained. One new focus course is added (TRM 315). Two courses are renamed but not changed in content.
  • Concentration: "Event and Meeting Management" - Two courses are retained (TRM 370 and TRM390) with two moving to other concentrations (HRT 290 and TRM 473). Three of the four focus courses are existing courses with one new course, SPM 462 (developed primarily for Sport Management major), added. TRM/SPM 473 previously a special topic course was added.

FAQ Regarding Concentration and Focuses

Yes, you can as long as you have at least two electives left.

No. You can use electives to take two courses that comprise a focus outside your concentration but it will not formally count as a focus (they would be considered as two electives taken). A focus (or both foci) can only be formally completed within your declared concentration.

Yes. Please be aware that each concentration has five courses required and you normally only have four electives to work with (assuming you arrived as a freshman and have not taken any electives). But most concentrations have common courses that would allow you to complete the requirements with the four electives. Please see your advisor to determine your requirements for the second concentration.

Yes. You may take any course offered within the college as an elective (as long as you have completed any required prerequisite). Although, in most cases, it would be best to use your electives for courses within your major.

Usually starting with your first semester junior year. Generally, you will take one course during each of your last four semesters, taking two during one of those semesters.