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Mission and Goals

Purpose: To Develop skilled, ethical professionals who advocate for positive change by learning, leading, and serving all members of society, especially those who are disadvantaged or marginalized. 

Vincentian Tradition

We are inspired to serve all members of society, especially those living in poverty and oppression, in local communities and in the larger world. 

Constructivist Practice

We consider the experiences, values, and multiple identities of the individuals we serve as the foundation from which to facilitate learning and development. 

Evidence-Based Best Practice

We implement practices and strategies drawn from the  best available research and data generated within our own professional contexts.

Reflective Practice

We promote self-assessment, peer-assessment, and critical examination of the efficacy of one's Professional Commitment and Responsibility.

Professional Commitment and Responsibility

We demonstrate dedication and accountability to our respective professions through professional, passionate, lawful and ethical behaviors. 

Professional Relationships

We maintain high expectations for ourselves, our colleagues, and those we serve, while respecting diversities of background, experience, opinion and perspective; and working collaboratively to support one another.