Student Spotlights

Victoria Goupil

Victoria Goupil (Class of 2024)


Last week, I was among the Purple Eagles who flew from Monteagle Ridge to Las Vegas to participate in the National Grocers Association (NGA) Student Case Competition. This was an excellent opportunity for our student marketing team to apply our knowledge, test our skills, and network with industry professionals. As a sophomore marketing student and vice president of the Niagara University Marketing Association (NUMA), I was honored to have the opportunity to present our team’s findings with Timothy Bourret, Jillian Dowdle, and Owen Stehm, accompanied by our faculty advisor Professor Sarah Heximer, as we laid out our case before a panel of industry leaders.

Our work began in November 2021, with our team conducting research, posing scenarios, and gathering ideas to answer the case prompt questions for an independent grocer, Woodman’s Markets. This Midwest grocery retailer has 19 stores spanning across northern Wisconsin to the greater Chicago area. The team presented potential ways to optimize the business by focusing on the omni-channel strategy, return on investment, supply chain management, and profitability.

Utilizing our experience and knowledge from our marketing courses, we were able to apply our research to answer the case study questions at hand, while showcasing our skills within the food marketing industry. By analyzing the various sectors of the business, we were able to provide insight to the retailer’s concerns.

The NGA show incorporated various lead speaker presentations, information sessions, and a trade show that our presenting team had the opportunity to attend. Seeing the evolution of products within the food industry and the advancement in technology allowed me to gain insight into the growth of marketing and the food industry. I was able to take what I’ve learned in my business classes and understand its functionality within these real-world scenarios, which has allowed me to gain a deeper perspective of the potential within the ever-growing market.

Our Niagara University NGA presenting team made it to the second round of the competition. We had the opportunity to meet and connect with many students from universities across the United States, as well as network with various leaders in the industry.

As I continue to move forward in my journey here on The Ridge, I will have the opportunity to represent the NGA team again next year as co-leader of the team with my fellow peer, Jillian Dowdle. We are extremely excited to broaden our knowledge after this years’ experience.

Congratulations again to our presenting team for making it to the second round of the competition. I would also like to congratulate the entire team of ten business students for their dedication and hard work put into the project over these past four months.