Student Spotlights

Shannon Truty

Shannon Truty (Class of 2016)

Fun Fact:
I can do a back flip (I was in gymnastics all throughout my childhood).

How did you choose Niagara University?

Well, for me, it started out as a family thing. I’m from West Seneca, N.Y., and both my uncle Daryl Truty, '94, and my step-uncle Nick Desiderio, '08, came to Niagara for accounting and had been talking about what a great experience it was for them. I took a campus tour and that was what sold me on Niagara. I loved how pretty the campus is and how everything was close together, its own community as opposed to in a city where everything is spread so far apart.

Can you tell me about a few activities you are involved in?

Yes, I am part of the Accounting Society, Business Organizational Leadership Development (BOLD) club, and the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) club. Last semester, the Accounting Society worked with Recycle for a Cause to help collect bottles around campus and had a bake sale raising money for the fund. BOLD focused on the sandals project, where we take the used sandals from the Cave of the Winds and redistribute them to countries in need. So this past semester we mainly focused on the distribution of the sandals. We also were able to give a presentation on BOLD to our Introduction to Business (BUS 120) class explaining how it gives real-world experience, which was really good practice on a formal presentation to an audience. For the CEO club, we were able to attend the Taylor Devices annual shareholders meeting in North Tonawanda, which was a good experience for us.

What was your favorite class/teacher?

It would definitely have to be Prof. Alegre from my BUS 120 class. He was very active, engaging and fun. He helped us to prep for our presentation in class and he pushed us to engage our audience and do this waterfall activity, which turned out really cool. BUS 120 was a lot of fun, too, because it helped you to meet other business students (like Shannon Chowaniec!).

We had the business retreat, where we did various teambuilding exercises like building the highest tower out of magnets and the cashflow game, and I actually won a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card that day which was awesome. The Bloomberg Businessweek module was a lot of fun, too, because Dr. Kling would run this gameshow-style activity called “Bowling for Businessweek,” which would cover facts from the magazine. Dr. Kling said, “Students like Shannon have figured out that learning can be fun - even reading a business magazine can be rewarding - but in order to win the games, you need to have the knowledge that comes from reading and being engaged in the material.”

As a freshman yourself, do you have any tips for new students? Things you were nervous about but you overcame?

For new students, I would have to say just go to class! Not only will it help you out with your classwork, but some teachers even give you bonus points on your final average for showing up to all the classes. I would also say not to be afraid to speak up or ask questions in class and definitely take advantage of professors’ office hours. They want to see you making the effort and this is a good way to build a rapport with them and stand out.

Definitely get involved on campus. There are so many things to do between sporting events and activities. They had a hypnotist here last semester and it was hilarious.

As for being nervous, of course I was, but that all went away after I met the professors. I thought that they were going to be very strict and not help with anything, but that was the complete opposite. Also, the orientations in the summer helped me to meet new people so it wasn’t as hard in the beginning of the semester.

What are your future plans?

Nothing is finalized yet, but I would really like to do something involving tourism and hospitality, perhaps managing something in that industry. I would also like to continue on with my MBA in the 4+1 program that Niagara offers, and also become a CPA (certified public accountant).