Student Spotlights

Shannon Chowaniec

Shannon Chowaniec (Honors Program, Class of 2016)

Fun Fact:
I have visited 47 out of the 50 states.

What influenced your decision to come to Niagara?

My first visit to Niagara University was for the Scholarship Interview Day. I received an academic scholarship and came to the campus for the scholarship brunch and a tour of campus. What really convinced me to come to Niagara, though, was Professor Pikas. He sat next to my mom and me and immediately made us feel welcome. He inspired me to come, and because I felt so welcomed on campus, I felt much more comfortable and knew it was the right choice. I appreciated that people were much friendlier at Niagara than other schools I had visited.

As a freshman, have you had the opportunity to join any clubs?

I am in B.O.L.D, which is the Business Organizational Leadership Development club, Experience and Growth in Leadership Education (EAGLE) club, and Niagara University’s Marketing Association (NUMA). In B.O.L.D., we worked on the Sustainable Sandals Project, which sends donated sandals from the Cave of the Winds in Niagara Falls and redistributes them to countries in need. We also had the opportunity to present a formal presentation on B.O.L.D. activities to our entire Introduction to Business class.

I had a lot of fun in EAGLE because I was asked to be one of the interviewers this year for the Scholarship Interview Day. It was nice being on the other side of interviews, being able to both ask the questions but also answer any questions the interviewees had.

For NUMA, I have been working on assisting in marketing for the women’s basketball team. Fellow students Erin Walsh, Claire Wittenauer and I have been planning out their “Senior Day,” which is where all the senior members of the team get honored before their game. We thought it would be fun to do a play on words and invite seniors from local nursing homes as well as seniors from high schools to attend. We have been working with their coach Kendra Faustin about the “Senior Day” events (held Feb. 24., 2013)

What has been your favorite class/teacher so far?

Definitely my accounting professor Steve Gattuso. I love his teaching style, because he breaks down material so it’s really easy to understand. He is also very helpful and answers your questions directly. I had him for Financial Accounting last semester and made sure to sign up for his Managerial Accounting class this semester.

Do you have any tips for incoming freshman?

I was definitely nervous about starting college, but you just have to realize that everyone is in the same boat! This is a new experience for everyone and Niagara’s faculty and staff are very helpful and friendly, which makes everything a lot easier. Also I would say don’t be afraid to ask questions in class.

What are your future plans?

I plan to study abroad, I’m not sure which country yet, but it’s something I have been interested in doing. Long term, I would like to work for a big corporation, climb the corporate ladder to the upper management level, and put to use my leadership skills.