Written by Kassandra Grys

  • The Right Choice - A Student’s Perspective

    Deciding on a college or university is a decision we all have to make as we continue on our journey to becoming teachers and counselors. The decision is never a simple one. There are many factors to...

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  • Life as a Graduate Assistant

    I first heard of the graduate assistantships from one of my best friends at Niagara when I was completing my undergraduate degree. We had begun thinking about graduate school, and where we were headed...

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  • Making My Transition

    Making My Transition

    As I prepared to graduate last spring, I began to get nervous about what my future as a Niagara University graduate student would entail. I had met with my advisors and decided I wanted to start...

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  • Beginning Practicum

    Beginning Practicum

    Last week, I began the third semester in my school counseling program, as well as my practicum placement at the Dr. Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence – School 89 in Buffalo, N.Y. As part of my...

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  • Take the Leap

    Take the Leap

    I graduated last May with what I thought was a solid, definite, unchanging plan. I was going to get accepted into the school counseling program at Niagara; I was going to be offered a graduate...

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