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Dr.  Joseph Little

Dr. Joseph Little

Associate Professor of English and Director of Writing 100 Program

Office Location:
Dunleavy Hall 351


I’m an English professor here at Niagara, where I teach undergraduate courses in writing, culture, and well-being, and direct the university’s first-year writing program. You might also know me as the organizer of the Great Guatemalan Adventure or Camino 2020.

Trained in psychosocial approaches to language and literacy, I spent the first decade of my career researching the cognitive basis of scientific discovery, focusing on the role of analogical reasoning in physics and mathematics. Then, in 2009, a funny thing happened: As I was mountain hiking in Guatemala one sunny afternoon, I slipped beneath thought, language, even my sense of self, to a place where fundamental distinctions no longer held—no left/right, me/not me, now/not now. It was my first experience of transcendence, and I had not a clue how to handle it. Over the next few years, I made some sense of the experience and the life that unfolded from it, which I chronicled in Letters from the Other Side of Silence (Homebound, 2017). As you might imagine, the journey continues.

My most recent research, "Rhetoric and Mathematics in the Saturnian Account of Atomic Spectra," will appear in James Wynn and G. Mitchell Reyes's Arguing with Numbers, forthcoming from Penn State University Press.