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Dr.  Jamie Carr

Dr. Jamie Carr

Associate Professor

Office Location:
Dunleavy Hall, Room 320


I am an associate professor of English and the Director of the liberal arts program at NU. My courses include:

  • ENG260 Methods of Literary Study
  • ENG307 The Modern Age Through Contemporary Literature
  • ENG360 Literary Criticism
  • ENG370 Contemporary Anglophone Literature

Niagara’s core focus on the liberal arts and a broad-based general education, along with its Vincentian mission, is grounded in a belief that knowledge can transform lives. These values connect with my own belief that literature and literary theory can change hearts and minds, can give voice to the oppressed, can evoke empathy, can move us in untold ways. As such, my classes aim to make literature personally and socially meaningful by creating assignments in which students listen to and tell stories that may not otherwise get heard, and that explore the relation between writing and transformation.

This semester, for example, students in ENG307, while reading literary responses to the First World War and its centenary, interviewed NU student veterans and dependents to hear their stories of the military, homecoming or life at NU. Following models provided by the Library of Congress’s Veterans History Project and NPR’s Story Corp, English majors used digital storytelling, weaving narrative, images and audio to learn about and share the experiences of others.

My most recent research is on "The Art and Science of Reading," in which I examine how the cognitive sciences have newly taken up literature’s defense, conducting empirical studies to prove that literature has value, particularly because it produces empathy.

I currently serve on the University Planning Council and advise the English department’s literary and art journal, The Aquila. I volunteer at the Heart, Love and Soul Soup Kitchen of Niagara Falls.

I am in the process of producing the program "Wilde on the Borders: Conference, Theatre and Art" to be held at NU on April 2, 2016.