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Dr. John Stranges

Dr. John Stranges

Office Location:
Room 11, Marian House
Office Hours:
Wdnesday 1-4 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5 p.m.


John B. Stranges is University Professor at Niagara University. He began his career at Niagara in 1968, and served consecutively as a faculty member, department chair, Academic Vice President, and as the instituion's first University Professor. During his long tenure as chief academic officer, the university underwent a major expansion of its academic programs and professional accreditations and a substantial improvement of its faculty qualifications. In recognition of his service to the University and its students, Dr. Stranges has received the Father John J.Lynch Award, the Caritas Medal, the College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award, the national Delta Epsilon Sigma Distinguished Service Award, and the Niagara University Medal of Honor.

Focus of Teaching

Dr. Stranges currently teaches courses in both departments of Political Science and History. In the former, he teaches courses in American political thought and American foreign policy. In the latter, he teaches a course in United States history since World War II. His basic teaching strategy is to open a class with a brief commentary on assigned readings and generate discussion by posing questions to individual students or a pre-selected panel of students. Often, individual students will begin a session with their own analysis of assigned readings. The focus of discussion is frequently decision-making, informed by a definition leadership and an assessment of the character of the decision-maker. THe White House is often used as have appeared in the laboratory.

Current Research

Dr. Stranges is undertaking a study of the progress of American health care reform, comparing the American "system" with Canadian and European counterparts in areas ranging from origins and evolution to cost and outcomes. He also continues his research into the ways in which Western New York managed to deal with the historical problems of chemical contamination. His most recent publications have dealt with both aspects of his research.

Dr. Stranges' book, The Rainbow Never Fades: Niagara University 1856-2006, was published in 2007. His articles have appeared in the Columbia Journal of American Studies, ICON, National Issues in Higher Education, the Delta Epsilon Sigma Journal, and the Columbia Library Journal.

Educational Background

Ph.D Columbia University. First Column Honors. Canada Council Fellow. B.A. Niagara University. Summa Cum Laude. Gold Medallist in Philosophy. Member. Columbia University Seminars on China and War and Peace. 1994-1995.

Current Involvement

Dr. Stranges is a member of the International Committee on the History of Technology. He is also the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative at Niagara.