Faculty Directory

Dr.  John Hutchinson

Dr. John Hutchinson

Associate Professor of Physics

Office Location:
Golisano Center, Room 247


Teaching Interests

Dr. Hutchinson teaches general physics as well as advanced courses in modern physics.

Research Interests

The standard model of physics is currently an extremely well tested theory which has been experimentally verified to high precision on earth.  Despite these successes the standard model breaks down and is incomplete.  For example we can neither explain the full cosmological evolution of our universe nor the quantum mechanical aspects of extremely dense objects.  String theory holds great promise in resolving some of these outstanding difficulties and is the subject of Dr. Hutchinson's research.


  • Ph.D. Physics (2001) University of California at Berkeley
  • M.S. Physics (1997) University of California at Berkeley
  • B.A. Physics (1995) Cornell University

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics, Niagara University, 2012-present
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2008-present
  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics, Niagara University, 2006-2012
  • Assistant Professor/Staff Scientist, Physics Division, National Center for Theoretical Sciences, 2005-2006
  • Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Physics, Harvard University, 2003-2004
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Physics, National Taiwan University, 2002-2005
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Physics Division, Academia Sinica, 2001-2002

Publications (Note that Dr. Hutchinson formerly published under the last name Wang). 

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Prior to joining NU

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