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Dr. Joanne C. Basta

Dr. Joanne C. Basta

Adjunct Professor

(716) 286-8231


My Research and Teaching Interests

My research interests center on the psychology of learning and instruction, particularly within the disciplines of mathematics and science. More specifically, I am interested in the measurement of two psychological constructs within a middle school population, mathematics disposition and need for cognition. The results of my doctoral dissertation found that there are positive and significant associations among these psychological constructs and various measures of mathematics achievement. I am concerned about the implications of these results and how the interpretation of this data may be used to drive educational changes within the areas of instruction, scheduling, and assessment. For the past thirteen years I have taught elementary and middle school students. I am certified in Elementary Education, Secondary Mathematics, Biology, and General Science. Given my interests in these disciplines, I have also taught numerous workshops and a graduate course that focused on integrating mathematics and science instruction.

At Niagara University I teach courses within the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Psychology. These courses include MAT 251: Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers, PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology, PSY 331: Cognitive Psychology, and PSY 342: Social Behavior.