Transfer Students

Transfer Students in the College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences  has  a proud history of serving transfer students. We have often sought input from our transfer students and have grown to better understand their needs and improve our services. Be sure to check out some of our students' experiences below. If you have additional questions or suggestions, contact John Sauter or at 716.286.8060.

Admissions & Registration  

As part of the Admissions, process, the Dean's Office  reviews all transcripts and places credit according to Niagara University policies, and the specific requirements of the curriculum for each major.

  • Transfer Registration Day: Initial registration begins on this date, set by admission, and students will be given  additional orientation information, before registering with their department.
  • After Transfer Registration Day: Students unable to attend or accepted after transfer registration day, should contact the Dean's Office at 716.286.8060. We  will  help coordinate  an individual advisement appointment with a faculty member in your department.
  • Orientation: We are currently working with Admissions to provide more comprehensive in-person and online orientation information for new transfer students on their transfer orientation and open house site.
Getting Registered (for students who weren't able to attend Transfer Registration Day)
  • Contact your major department to set up an appointment with an adviser.
       - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry: 716.286.8250
       - Computer Science, Psychology, Gerontology: 716.286.8444
       - Criminal Justice, Sociology, Social Sciences: 716.286.8080
       - Communication Studies, English, French, Liberal Arts,
         Mathematics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Spanish: 716.286.8630
       - General Studies A.A.: 716.286.8060
       - History, International Studies, Political Science: 716.286.8696 or 716.286.8080 in the summer.
       - Nursing: 716.286.7358
       - Social Work: 716.286.8520
       - Art History, Theatre Studies: 716.286.8480
  • If you have trouble locating an advisor, contact the Dean's Office at 716.286.8060.
  • Once you have set up an appointment, contact Admissions at 716.286.8700 to let them know who you are meeting with so they can forward your advisement file to the department.

Starting Fresh at Niagara University

Adjusting to a new school can be both exciting and challenging, but Niagara University offers opportunities and  resources to help you make  a successful transition. We invite you to explore the rest of our website to learn more about us.

General Education Flexibility: Transfer students gain some flexibility in their general education requirements based on how many transfer credits are accepted by NU. Certain required courses open up as free electives (any three-credit course outside of your major discipline), enabling placement of further transfer credit or flexibility in your program.
  - Students who transfer in at least 24 credit hours will find one Religion 200-300 level course and their Philosophy 300 level open up as free electives.  
  - Students who transfer in at least 48 credit hours will find both their Religion 200-300 level course and their Philosophy 300 level and PHI 206 course open up as free electives.

Academic Options: Many academic options (minors, study abroad, internships, double majors, etc.) are accessible for  transfer students, depending on your total number of transfer credits, prior coursework, and electives remaining.  Transfer students interested in these options are welcome to explore our student pages. Transfer students interested in a double major or double degree program should make an individual appointment in the Dean's office to outline the courses at 716.286.8060.

Student Checks Keep You On Track: The College of Arts and Sciences, also offers walk-in Student Checks for undergraduates, and individual senior checks in the beginning of your senior year. These are a great way of tracking your progress toward graduation, looking at your academic options, or answering any questions you might have.

Transfer Student Testimonials

"I transferred here from a large local university. Niagara seemed like a close-knit welcoming environment that also represented my values. Coming from an overwhelming school, Niagara was a breath of fresh air.   It's nice knowing that your professors know you by name and they are familiar with your work ethic."   (Social Work Student)

"I have been absolutely blown away with the help and support I have been receiving from NU. My experiences with other schools come in a distant second, and I am being entirely sincere. Personally, It was a little hard at the beginning, with the adjustments, but once you get into the groove, things will ease up." (Psychology Student)

"My experience at Niagara has been so successful!   I have enjoyed 'stepping up the pace' in terms of my expectations of myself, reaching new potential and higher academic ground. I transferred from NCCC, which gave me a great base on which to build, but it has been Niagara that has molded my habits and love of life-long learning...  

I decided to transfer to Niagara primarily because of its small size and excellent reputation, and have not been disappointed at all! The faculty and support staffs are second to none, faculty will go out of their way to assist you, and everyone on campus is friendly and supportive." (Social Work Student)

"Being a transfer student can lead to some anxious and uneasy feelings.   Niagara University aided me in transferring by making the process very smooth.   The transition was completely stress-free as the people I worked with were highly accessible and extremely friendly.   Most of the questions I had were answered in a very specific and practical manner.   It is one transfer process that is made easy by the people involved and one that I would do over again." (History Student)