The College of Arts and Sciences is very proud of its students and their accomplishments. Our students are academically involved with an annual average of over 70 percent expanding their interests by pursuing minors and/or double majors. Additionally, our students are often members  of academic honor societies or  involved with faculty-student research projects, many of which are presented at national conferences, regional conferences, or our own Undergraduate Research Conference. Our students can be found taking advantage of internships, co-ops, theatre productions, and service opportunities to increase their practical experience.

A&S  students can be found getting involved in campus clubs and other activities on campus, or forming new ones. In light of our Vincentian values, many of our students are also very active in community service, volunteering in  the local community or abroad. Many students also take advantage of the variety of study abroad options available to them, visiting London with the our theatre program, Ireland with our criminal justice and political science departments, or other locales such as Argentina, Spain, France, Japan, Australia, etc.

Our students also enjoy close relationships with their faculty and staff. Faculty at Niagara are known for employing active, integrated learning techniques in the classroom, which involves students in their own learning. We strive to be accessible to our students in-person and online. Students are always welcome to contact faculty or stop into the Arts and Sciences Dean's Office to ask questions.