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Faculty Resources

The following  collection of resources is meant to assist full and part-time faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences. Attempts to link directly to other sites on the NU website have been made when applicable. Much of this information has migrated to myNU in recent years so be sure to check there as well. Further questions can be  addressed to  department chairs  or the A&S Dean's Office. Suggestions for additional  content or links  may be emailed to  

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Student academic information is protected by FERPA and faculty/staff cannot discuss it with parents or other third parties without specific permission. Log into myNU and click on FERPA to determine whether a current student has indicated that academic information can be released to a specific person. If no FERPA waiver is present, suggest that the person have a conversation with the student to see if the student would be willing to add them to the myNU waiver. In the case of parents/guardians of dependent students, please refer the inquiring parties to the Records Office 716.286.8730 or the University General Counsel 716.286.8384 to verify their dependent status. Please note that References cannot include academic information about students without a waiver. Students may sign a reference waiver through myNU. For alumni or former students who do not have access to myNU, please use utilize the PDF form below.