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Day of Recognition

The College of Arts and Sciences Day of Recognition is an annual spring tradition that recognizes outstanding faculty and students.


Art History with Museum Studies

The Armand and Eleanor Castellani Award for Excellence in the Field

Kendall Harter

Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics

Outstanding Student in Biochemistry

Aquila Lesko

Outstanding Student in Chemistry

Jesse Stroka


High Honors in Biology

Kimberly Alexander

Samantha Anne Duthe

Samantha Kate Harack

Ian Heschke

James Lioi

Jenna Rose McCune

Alyxis Mitrowski

Jawdat Mustafa

Hasamone Nimjareansuk

Kiley Dale Titus

Communication Studies

Outstanding Academic Achievement

Samantha Dreverman

Audrey Fitch

Rachel Kocsis

Brendon Leet

Donisha Watson

Allina Lamorticella

Nicole Zendano

Brian Murphy Memorial Award

Clare Lewis

Computer and Information Sciences

Dr. William and Barbara Boeck Award for an Outstanding Student in Computer and Information Sciences

Jacqueline Leonard

Computer Task Group, Inc. Award for Excellence in Computer and Information Sciences

Anthony Gouge

Kaitlin Hejna

College of Arts and Sciences Honors in Computer and Information Sciences

Dylan Rumbold


Criminology and Criminal Justice

Outstanding Academic Achievement

Aidan Stuart

Departmental Service Award

Nicole Pehrson

Adam Gallegos

Clara Kroetsh Memorial Award

McKenzie Williams


Divine Award for Academic Excellence in English

Andrea Scibetta

Blair Award

Shawna Bentz

Gould-Pollard Service Award

Jacob Honan


Gerontology Achievement Award for Leadership

Kimberly Kennedy

Gerontology Achievement Award for Scholarship

Alexa Pietrantonio

Gerontology Achievement Award for Service

Alyssa Oswald


Magavero Award

Marc Notaro

Peters Award

Sara Fretthold

Danilowicz Award

Allison Schultz

McGourty Award

Franco Galbo

Liberal Arts

Outstanding Academic Achievement

Giorgio Cole


Mathematics Department

Excellence in Mathematics

Meghan McGuinness

Nicholas Orlowski

Morgan Walter

Modern and Classical Languages Department

Father O'Keefe Medal for Excellence in the Study of French

Fadouma Hamza                                                 

Father O'Keefe Medal for Excellence in the Study of Spanish                            

 Emily Bork                                       

Excellence in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies

Cassandra Kent                                                




Nursing Department

Leadership Award      

Mary Reilly

Community Service Award

Brandon Winkley

Samantha Jemiolo                                      

Scholarship Award  

Claire Kyhos

Lauren Hourihan

Samantha Saraceno                            

Philosophy Department

James Fleckenstein Award for Promoting the Philosophical Life

Stacy Kochanowski                                                  

Bernard Sylvester Award for Academic Excellence in Philosophy         

Courtney Faircloth

Political Science and International Studies Departments

Excellence in Political Science

Alexander Blood

Kelsey Ward

Excellence in International Studies

Rebecca VanBuren

John J. LaFalce Award for Civic Engagement

Zachary Angarano




Psychology Department

Highest Honors in Psychology

Margot Hickey

Haley Keeley

Crystal Lorenzo

Amber Markham

Shayna Remington

Amanda Smith

Honors in Psychology

Alison Prinzi


Religious Studies Department

Blessed Frederic Ozanam Award

James Mackey                      



Social Work Department

Academic Achievement Awards

Rachel Ackert

Rachael Campbell

Jennifer Eracles

Julia Grcevic

Hailey Griffith

Brittany Hoover

Ian MacKinnon

Paul Martino

Lorelei Spillman

Blake Turner

Molly Weber

Tammy Wehrmeyer

NASW Award

Danielle Pelletier

Leadership Award

Blake Turner

Rachel Ackert

Community Service   

Paul Martino

Jennifer Eracles

Rosmery Cooper

Kellie Friga

Sociology and Social Science Departments

Outstanding Student in Sociology                   

Hannah Zukoff                            

Theatre Studies Department

Outstanding Theater Student Awards

Kyle Baran

Matthew Gilbert

Kaylee LeRoy

Stevie Lukaszewski

Jean O'Harrow

Lauren Parrow

Mark Pietruszka

Brittany Shannon

Preston Williams

Phoebe Wright

The Players' Award

Phoebe (Mary) Wright

Stevie Lukaszewski


Women's Studies Writing Award

Susan B. Anthony Writing Award

Emily Bork

Merve Oduncu


2015 Faculty Awards

Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Clementine Laverman, Department of Social Work

Excellence in Part-time Teaching

Lawrence Passanese, Department of Biology

Excellence in Scholarship

Dr. Robyn Goacher, Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics

Excellence in Service

Dr. Alexander Bertland, Department of Philosophy