Advisory Council

Dean's Advisory Council

The Dean's Advisory Council is comprised of a cross section of Arts and Sciences majors who meet several times during the year to assist the Dean in the following ways:

  • Advise the Dean on issues of importance to students.
  • Organize the Day of Recognition held in May.
  • Supervise the balloting to select the full-time and part-time Arts and Sciences Faculty

2009-10 Advisory Council

Front row: Corinne Oudkerk (Liberal Arts), Erin McKenney (International Studies, Political Science), Jamie Walter (Sociology, Criminology/Criminal Justice), Rebecca Reese (Mathematics), DeVan Corcoran (Theatre Studies), Ashley Egan (French, International Studies), Laura Kimoto (History), Jess Martin (Criminology/Criminal Justice)

Back row: Dr. Nancy McGlen (Dean, College of Arts and Sciences), Megan McGahan, (Biochemistry), Clara Kuntz (Psychology), Geoffrey Redick (Communication Studies), Rebecca Wrobel (Religious Studies), Sebastian Galbo (English)

Missing from photo: Whitney Coles (Philosophy, Criminology/Criminal Justice), Natalia Martinez (Social Work), David Shakarjian, (Computer and Information Science), Eric Walsh (Political Science)