Mission and Goals

Chemistry GlassesOur Mission

In the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics, we foster the professional development of our students through academic excellence, enabling them to compete in a technological society. The department provides its majors with a thorough understanding of basic and modern concepts of chemistry, biochemistry, and physics; the ability to analyze and apply scientific concepts to technical problems, the development of laboratory skills, and the development of a strong sense of professionalism.  

Furthermore, the B.S. in chemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society. A degree in chemistry from Niagara University will prepare you for careers in this exciting, evolving field.

Our Goals

It is our department’s goal that, while at NU, chemistry and biochemistry graduates will specifically develop:

  1. A strong foundation in the five subdisciplines of chemistry: inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry, as well as in the allied sciences of physics, mathematics and biology.
  2. Chemical laboratory skills, including the use of modern instrumentation.
  3. Knowledge of proper safety practices in the laboratory.
  4. Hands-on research skills, including problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking, culminating in an independent research project with a faculty member.
  5. Chemical scientific literacy, including use of search engines and the critical evaluation of peer-reviewed articles.
  6. Strong written and oral communication skills targeting both scientific and general populations.
  7. An innate sense of professionalism.