Our full-time faculty members possess the highest academic credentials in all major areas of chemistry and teach all courses required for the biochemistry, chemistry and physics programs. Faculty members are committed to fostering the professional development of their students through academic excellence. Faculty also recognize the importance of undergraduate research experiences and offer students opportunities to participate in research projects solving modern biochemical and chemical problems.

Dr.  Mary McCourt

Dr. Mary McCourt

Professor of Chemistry

Office Location:
Golisano Center, Room 248

*Teaching Interests* Dr. McCourt specializes in the areas of physical and computational chemistry. She also teaches chemistry for nurses, general chemistry lab, and chemistry for non-majors. *Research Interests         * Dr. McCourt is a senior scientist with extensive experience in the implementation of new laboratories, management of technical, professional, faculty, research, legal, architectural and administrative...

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Dr. Luis Sanchez

Dr. Luis Sanchez

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office Location:
Golisano Center, Room 249

*Teaching Interests* Dr. Sanchez teaches organic chemistry, including topics of medicinal, polymers, and organometallic chemistry. *Research Interests* Research in Dr. Sanchez’s group is dedicated to synthetic organic chemistry with a focus on the preparation of biologically active compounds. Complex molecules, resembling those found in nature, essentially play a minor role in the search for...

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Dr.  Christopher S. Stoj

Dr. Christopher S. Stoj

Associate Professor of Chemistry; Chair of Department

Office Location:
Golisano Center, Room 246

*Teaching Interests* Dr. Stoj teaches biochemistry and general chemistry. *Research Interests* Dr. Stoj is fascinated by the structure and function of proteins involved in the maintenance of metal ion homeostasis in biology, specifically as they relate to various neurodegenerative disease states. The aims of his research group are to better understand the complex...

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