Chargeable and Non-Chargeable Services

The following provides a guideline for the services that Facility Services provides to the Niagara University community related to chargeable and non-chargeable services.

Non-Chargeable Services:

Non-chargeable services are the routine repair and maintenance services required to maintain everyday operations such as routine cleaning, snow removal, faucet leaks, toilet problems, lights out, heating and cooling problems, electrical problems, or other general repairs.This includes services not caused by neglect or vandalism.

Some examples of non-chargeable work are:

  • Any HVAC system repairs Elevator repairs
  • Plumbing repairs Classroom furniture repairs
  • Electrical system repairs Grounds maintenance

Chargeable Services:

Chargeable services are those that go beyond what is required to maintain the campus's everyday operations. These are services such as elective maintenance, installations, alterations, improvements, renovations, and additions.These services include any repairs required due to vandalism.

Some examples of chargeable work are:

  • Renovation/remodeling
  • Lock change/keys required for lost keys
  • Custodial services for special events
  • New window air conditioner purchase
  • Installation/repair to any departmental equipment
  • Replacement of carpet
  • Departmental furniture moves