Fall 2019 Online Global Nuclear Awareness Certificate

November 10, 2019 – December 15, 2019

Registration for the Fall 2019 Online Global Nuclear Awareness Certificate 

Register for the GNA Certificate Course through this website: 


Or contact: Julianne Hazen, Ph.D./Department of Religious Studies, Niagara University (585)332-8764


Course Details:

     Dates: Sunday, November 10 – Monday, December 15, 2019

    • Effort: 2-4 hours each week, 15 hours in total for the GNA Certificate
    • Schedule: 5 weeks, including an extra week for discussion board interactions
    • Level: Beginner-Intermediate, no prerequisites are required                            
    • Cost: $135
    • Registration: Open until November 10


    The program elements engage students with the issues presented and deepen their learning experience. It includes four modules. Each module will be available to complete over a two-week segment and includes:

    • Video presentation (45-75 minutes long) segmented thematically into shorter clips
    • Quiz to encourage participants to test their knowledge after each presentation
    • Discussion board where participants and presenters engage with questions related to the lecture topic
    • Links to extra readings and materials
    • Short evaluation of the program at the end of the course

    Objectives of the Certificate Course:

    1. Greater awareness of seven existential issues posed by and associated with nuclear technologies and mankind’s use of nuclear forces.
    2. Understanding the current nuclear arms race and the potential regional and large-scale consequences of these weapons being used in war.
    3. Identifying six risks and realities for Americans, especially those living near nuclear power plants.
    4. Improved understanding of how to protect oneself and others by effectively responding to a radiation emergency and safely navigating the enhanced radiation environment.


    I. "Personal and Global Realities of the Nuclear Era" by Tedd Weyman, MEd

    II. "Nuclear War: Why we should be concerned about the new nuclear arms race" by Isaac Zimmerman, JD, BS

    III. "The American Nuclear Landscape: Is our country prepared for a nuclear crisis?" by Linda Redfield Shakoor, PhD, MS

    IV. Personal and Family Protection in the Enhanced Radiation Environment" byPaul Zimmerman, BA