Upcoming Classes

Basic EMT Original

August 29, 2017 — Tue & Thur, beginning Aug 29
Dunleavy Hall
John Malinchock

People’s lives often depend on their quick reaction and competent care of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). EMTs respond to emergency calls, perform medical services, and care for the sick or injured in emergency medical settings.

Call today to pre-register for the opening/informational session held on the 1st day of class

You will be introduced to basic life-support knowledge, skills and concepts as recognized by the New York State Department of Health. Upon successful completion of the course and a state practical skills examination, you will be allowed to sit for the NYSDOH written certification examination. Course content includes the legal aspects of emergency care;medical and trauma assessment; bloodborne pathogens and universal precautions;airway management and adjunct usage pharmacology and emergency medication administration; CPR and automatic external defibrillation (AED); hemorrhage control; spinal immobilization; fracture management; hazardous materials awareness; childbirth; weapons of mass destruction awareness; and environmental and medical emergencies. Students successfully completing the course will be issued certificates by Niagara University and the American Heart Association for their CPR and AED certification cards.

$700 — Individuals associated with their local volunteer fire dept. may be elegible for funding. Please contact Continuing Ed at 286-8181