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Tall Ship Pirate Cruise: Ages 7+

June 7, 2013 — Fri
9:30am -12:30pm
Port Dalhousie East Pier, Canada

(Because of a computer conversion, we are only accepting phone, mail, or faxed registrations. Call us at 716-286-8181)

Ahoy lads and lasses...and parents too! Dress up like a pirate and climb aboard the 3-masted schooner and Pirate Ship 'Empire Sandy' where ye'll be setting sail for an incredible 3-hour cruise. Become a scallywag for the day as ye' take part in treasure hunts and pirate games, help hoist the Jolly Roger, listen to sea shanties, have your face painted pirate-style, see and hear the ships thundering canon as it is fired at surronding phantom pirate ships, take part in a delicious 'Shiver me Timbers' lunch buffet on the quarterdeck and, who knows, maybe even silently sail over Davey Jones' Locker! Contests and prizes too. Avast ye matey, and sign up today for a Pirate Cruise ye'll not forget! (Arr...Know this me' buccaneers, the ship sails rain or shine and the destination is at Captain Eric's discretion...so come prepared!) NOTES: Price listed is per person (same price for kids and adults). A great idea for end of year school trips or birthday parties! Group rates available for 10 or more.

$45 — The ship sails rain or shine