Upcoming Classes

The Voice-NU Style

March 26, 2014 – April 30, 2014 — Wed (5 sessions)
Shana DiCamillo, M.M. vocal performance, M.P.A. nonprofit management

Introduction to Solo Singing - Group Voice Class
Have you ever thought about taking a singing lesson, or singing in front of an audience?  This 5-week course is specially designed for new singers who wish to learn about a healthy singing technique without the intensity of one-on-one private lessons.  You will be provided with a general overview of the voice, and basic knowledge about posture, breathing, diction, vocal registers, and vocal health.  You will become more comfortable with your own voice, singing alone and in groups.  We will then have a fun, low-key recital and reception that will be open to family and friends.  Those with little to no singing experience are welcome! Must be 18 years or older.