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NEW: Urban Ministry 2.0

September 13, 2016 – November 22, 2016
Dunleavy 211
Dr. Amelia Gallagher & Rev. David F.C. Wurster, Ph.D

Urban Ministry 2.0 is a professional development training which consists of two classes that explore the history and basic fundamentals of urban ministry. These are credit-free professional development classes with faculty, teachers and experts who are leaders in the areas of urban ministry, faith and religion. This program is valuable and useful for both lay leaders, church leaders and anyone interested in faith or ministry.

This certificate is a redesigned educational program that focuses on how the urban environment is affected by churches, faith-based groups and spirituality. These courses will allow you to explore in greater detail the aspects of urban ministry and how it affects the world we live in both locally and globally. Many aspects of interfaith will be discussed, reviewed and discovered. Courses do not come from one specific area of religion but allow you to explore faith from many different perspectives, facts and opinions.

Urban Ministry 2.0 is not a vocational or theological training program which is endorsed by an overarching theology institution. Students will learn components and practices that may be useful when assisting people in urban ministry or counseling, but this program is not a certifying certificate or license.