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Delish Nutrish Wellness Series: Embrace Your Best Self Through Whole Living and Whole Foods

February 12, 2013 – March 19, 2013 — Tue, 5 sessions
6:30-8 pm
Dunleavy Hall
Ami Patrick, holistic health coach

Delish Nutrish is a 5-week wellness series, featuring cooking demonstrations and tastings, take home recipes and grocery shopping lists, nutritional benefits, lifestyle tips and much more!  The focus is on using whole foods and nutrition to optimize well being, address chronic conditions and reduce the need for prescription medications, feel younger in spirit, reach a happy weight, eat for energy and address cravings for sugar and artificial stimulants.  

Each week features a different theme:  Grains, Greens/Vegetables, Beans and Plant-Based Protein, Appetizers, Snacks and Dips and Indulgent Treats.  You will leave with a wealth of information.  Most importantly, you will find support and motivation to embrace a happy, healthy and balanced life in a fun way, free of deprivation and guilt.   This is a life-changing series…get ready to feel your best!