You can log in at http://www.niagara.edu/canvas.

At your request, yes! We will be able to export from Blackboard and import into Canvas (you can actually do this too if you'd like) and then it's a matter of tweaking what needs to be tweaked and reorganizing as needed. It's also a good time to examine your course and see what improvements you may be able to make. 

Staff in IT or Instructional Support can assist with your cleanup as needed.

There can be a wide variation on how long it takes to set up a Canvas site, depending on how complex the course is, and how instructors choose to proceed. Very simple course sites that only contain documents and basic gradebook columns can typically be validated and finalized in an hour.

More complex sites that have groups, discussion boards, question banks, rubrics, embedded media, etc., will take longer. Some types of content migrate easily with few problems, others need to be adjusted. At this point we would estimate 4-6 hours per course, but your experience may vary. From everything we have seen, setting up a course for the first time takes longer, and subsequent courses tend to go more quickly.

As long as it takes is the accurate answer, but it really depends on what the course looked like in Blackboard and what features are used. What's most important is that you request migration as soon as possible.

As much as you have time for. We will be offering workshops and one-on-one training as well as online materials where you can learn Canvas at your own pace. Keep an eye on the workshop page to see when opportunities are available. We are committed to making sure instructors have the help they need.

The IT help desk staff is being trained on Canvas and learning materials will be made available online to help students get familiar with the system. With students, we're especially interested in making sure they are aware of all of the new features that will help them tremendously.

For information in protecting faculty and student intellectual property, review our Intellectual Property Protections page.

Yes, please put in a ticket to request guest access to the archived system.