Business Technology Classrooms

More than ever, today's employers demand that college graduates have the ability to use advanced technology. Niagara University's College of Business Administration has invested in the resources to make sure you get those skills!

As a Niagara student, you’ll take many of your classes in one of our three state-of-the-art business technology classrooms, including our Financial Services Laboratory (pictured). In your accounting class, you’ll learn to extract and analyze financial statements with tools such as QuickBooks and x*. In marketing, you can perform high level data analysis using statistics packages, including SAS. In the supply chain classes, you will use simulation and modeling software to plan for optimum delivery of goods. The finance classes develop models in Excel to analyze stocks and bonds, and plan portfolio strategies.

The College of Business Administration has three business technology classrooms with a total of 75 workstations. Each of these classrooms also features innovative teaching technology tools such as Smart boards, multiple projectors, DVD players and high-speed laser printers. With these interactive tools, you and your professors can work together to learn how to analyze data and make business decisions.