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Name Phone Email
Dr. Mark Frascatore
716.286.8052 Send Email
Dr. Ann Rensel
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
716.286.8312 Send Email
Dr. Kristine Principe
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
716-286-8180 Send Email
Kelli Asklar, M.S.
Assistant Dean
716.286.8183 Send Email
Phillip Catanese
Director of Centers & College Outreach
716-286-8196 Send Email
Lorreen Rosado
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
716-286-8050 Send Email
Melissa Heidt
Administrative Assistant to the Faculty
716.286.8160 Send Email
Gerry Catalano
Program Coordinator
716.286.8173 Send Email
Susan Reyes Caballero
Retention Specialist
716-286-8165 Send Email