Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance (Student Accident & Property)

  • How do I get a Motor Vehicle Report for a new employee?

    Print Motor Vehicle Release Form and Fax over to Christina Templin, 286-8764, with a copy of your drivers license


  • How do I make necessary travel arrangements?

    Contact Cataract Travel Planners at 298-5490 to make the reservations.  Submit to Business Services the approved travel authorization form for processing.


  • Where do I go to get a refund if I have lost money in a soda or snack machine

    Please stop by the Business Services office located in Alumni Hall for your cash refund.

  • The snack machine isn't working. How do I report it?

    Please call Maria Hamilton at 286-8366 and she will call-in a repair order.

  • What if one of the laundry machines on campus is not working?

    Call Maria Hamiton at 286-8366 and she will call in a repair order.


  • A subcontractor is working on the campus, do we need a certificate of insurance?

    Any vendor working on our campus must submit a certificate of insurance to Business Services prior to commencing any work. Please call Business Services at 286-8365 to assist in getting certificates of insurance.

  • We are having a birthday party at the Kiernan Center do we need have an agreement?

    A Facility Use Agreement must be filled out when any facility is used on campus.

  • I'm an athlete and I have been injured while playing sports how do my medical bills get paid?

    If a student athlete is injured he/she will be instructed what to do by the athletic trainer on campus. See Athletic Injury page on our website for more details.