Study Abroad

Niagara University students are pictured in front of the Great Wall in China.

College of Business Administration students have the opportunity to study abroad in a variety of countries such as England, China, Japan, Ireland and Spain.

Studying abroad is an amazing experience to broaden one's cultural knowledge while receiving course credit. The work environment today has become increasingly more diverse, and studying abroad can give you the edge you need to be successful. This life-changing experience will allow you to see the world while staying on track to graduate.

According to the NSSE (2011) survey, 29 percent of students from Niagara University's College of Business Administration take part in study abroad programs versus 8 percent at U.S. Catholic Business Schools.

Students interested in studying abroad should discuss the options available to them with their advisor and NU's Study Abroad Office. The Study Abroad Office can help you figure out which program, either through NU or our affiliates, best suits your goals. Additionally, unaffiliated programs are possible, but may have implications to financial aid packages or scholarships and require withdrawal and re-admit paperwork.

Students need to focus on academic planning, because it allows them to think about studying abroad, internships, service learning, and other experiences that will develop those areas that make them stand out on a resume. What students need to discuss with an advisor are areas they feel very passionate about because academic planning allows that passion to take the form of the above. In their four years at Niagara in the College of Business Administration, they should develop a global vision and that can be achieved through a variety of ways, including studying abroad.

Said  Myriam Witkowski, assistant dean of the College of Business Administration:

We find ways to communicate so although language is critical in many places, the travel abroad allows all students to know different people and different cultures.   This is they key to the success of any company.