Engaged Faculty

Dr.  Anna  McNab

Dr. Anna McNab

  • Assistant Professor of MIS
  • Dr. McNab joined Niagara University in 2009 after obtaining her Ph.D. from Washington State University. She is originally from Slovakia and enjoys traveling and getting to know new people from all around the world. Dr. McNab tries to challenge her students' thinking through various discussions and tries to engage her classes by using many different methods of teaching, from debates and scholarly articles to discussions of video material..
I believe we find ourselves in an ever-changing global world and I try to lead my students towards understanding what this means for their future lives. I teach them not only about the role of technology in the world of business but also about the importance of understanding and embracing the many different cultures around the world, as such understanding is important for their future success in business.
Prof.  Ed  Hutton, CFA

Prof. Ed Hutton, CFA

  • Director of Financial Services Lab, Assistant Prof. of Finance
  • Prior to becoming a faculty member at Niagara University, Professor Ed Hutton spent over 25 years in the investment management industry. During that time, he had the opportunity to recruit many new college graduates. Hutton brings this experience to the classroom and says,
I have a good understanding of what employers are looking for in these business positions, and I try to bring that knowledge to the students in my classes. As much as I can, I incorporate real world examples and situations to the classroom. For example, in my portfolio management class, the class actually manages a portion of the Niagara University Endowment Fund, and they are expected to do this with the same level of care and expertise as any other investment manager. Through these experiences, our graduates gain a significant advantage over students whose learning is derived exclusively from a textbook.
Dr.  Lei  Han, CPA

Dr. Lei Han, CPA

  • Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Dr. Han joined the faculty in 2010 after receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is a CPA in New York State, and a member of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA). She embraces promoting accounting as a major and a profession, and is truly honored for being part of a wonderful team that is working very hard to invigorate the accounting programs at Niagara.
I believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor. The knowledge students obtain from their college education will sooner or later become insufficient or outdated in this ever changing world. I supplement my class with up-to-date research results and anecdotal evidence, and encourage the students not to confine their learning to textbooks, because grasping required material is important, but so is knowing how to learn. I hope that, upon graduation, my students will be embedded with the most current knowledge about the discipline, but also the importance of continuous learning and improvement.