Business Cards

Business cards should include the basics and communicate who you are and tell contacts, professional or prospective, where to find you. The card shows your name, company position, business address, and other important contact information. You can share this during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid.

BusCard BrandGuide 2021

Following the template below, your business card should include the required information:

Office of Xxxxx
Niagara University, N.Y. 14109
O: 000.000.0000 | C: 000.000.0000 | F: 000.000.0000 | Department website (optional)

Single, capitalized letters are used to label contact information.

Office Phone: O
Cell Phone: C
Fax Number: F

An optional additional website can be added after your email or on the next line. The university website will always appear on the last line by itself, bold and purple to stand out.

To order business cards, fill out the request form on myNU:

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