• Campus Store

    Located in the Butler Building, Niagara University's Campus Store operated by Barnes & Noble College, carries all your course material needs including rental, digital, used books, school supplies and all your favorite Niagara University gifts and apparel. 

  • Certificate of Insurance

    A certficate of insurance should be obtained for any one coming to our campus. Examples are vendors, speakers, performers.  Sometimes we will be asked by outside instituitions for our proof of insurance.  Our office can also provide that information.  Please contact our office at 286-8365 with questions. 

  • Driver License Reports

    Please download this form by clicking the link above for driving authorization requests.

  • Document Center - Copy Center Services

    Hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The copy center offers a variety of services to our campus including:

    • in-house offset printing
    • spiral binding
    • classroom materials
    • business cards
    • color copies laminating

    Mail Service

    Outgoing/Incoming Mail and UPS Packages

    The Niagara University mailroom handles outgoing mail and UPS parcels only. All incoming mail is handled by the on-campus post office (716.286.8070). Incoming UPS packages are handled through Facility Services located at the physical plant.

    Special Services

    Please allow extra time for processing of special services. Express mail, certified mail, return receipt and registered mail all require extra time to process, both here at the mailroom and at the post office. All special services mail should be at the mailroom by 3 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 11 a.m. on Friday.

    Personal Items

    Please be aware that it is our policy not to accept any personal items from employees. The Document Center is not staffed or authorized to receive any personal items sent to Niagara University and ComDoc will strictly enforce this policy. Also, no personal mail requiring postage will be sent from the mailroom. It will be returned to the sender for postage. Neither Niagara University nor ComDoc will be liable for any personal items that are lost or damaged. If you have any questions, please contact us.

    Cash On Delivery (COD)

    Please be advised that ComDoc will not accept any COD items. All items will be refused upon arrival.

    These are just a few examples of the services offered, please call John Pastore at 716.286.8034 for more information on available services.

    All print jobs should be reviewed by the Document Center to determine whether or not they can be printed on campus or need to be sent to an off campus printer. All print jobs should also be coordinated through Lisa McMahon in the Public Relations Department.

  • Eaton Office Supply

    Eaton Office Supply offers a plethora of supplies to keep offices running smoothly.

  • Forms

    These forms have fill-in blanks, in other words, you can fill in the form fields right on the PDF form and then print it out. You can also print out the blank form to do it by hand. To save these files to your own computer for repeated use, right-click on the links below and select 'save target as' to save it to an area on your own computer. Lastly, if you have filled out a form and do not wish to save the contents of it, do not save the form on exit, as it will save the contents you have entered.

  • Niagara Dining

    Hospitality Services provides an exciting and innovative dining services program for the entire Niagara Community. We are committed to offering you great food, a wide variety of menu options, honest values and a comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy it all.

  • Procurement

    In order to generate a purchase order to a vendor you must send to our office a Material and/or Service Requisition. This form is used for purchasing materials or services performed.

    Purchasing Office Supplies

    Eaton Office Supply is the preferred vendor for office supplies. Departments on campus have been trained to order from Eaton's website. If you have not been trained you may contact Bob MacDonald at 716.691.6100 Ext. 340. Any single line item over $75 must be ordered on a Material and/or Service Requisition.

    Recharge/Repair of HP Toner Cartridges

    Toner cartridges for HP printers get recharged. Laser Solutions is the vendor. In order for them to fill cartridges or repair a printer, a Material and/or Service Requisition must be filled out and sent to us. We will then contact Laser Solutions who will then contact you to set up an appointment. Please make sure you include the contact information on your requisition.


    Typewriter repairs are done by Nate's Typewriter. You may contact them directly at 716.282.0088. Once you get an invoice, you must do a check request to pay them. Fax machine repairs are done by EME Solutions. You may contact them directly at 716.692.0010. Once you get an invoice, you must do a check request to pay them.

  • Risk Management

    Please call Christy Ferguson for any immediate concerns at 716.286.8345.

  • Student Athletic Insurance

    Business Services handles the athletic injury claims on campus. You may contact our office with any questions regarding the process. Step-by-step directions for injured athletes are as follows:

    1. Injury occurs.
    2. See athletic trainer immediately to fill out claim form, bring claim form to Business Services in Alumni Hall.
    3. Once bills are received by you or your parents, make a copy for the athletic trainers.
    4. Submit original bill to your insurance company. The insurance company will send you an explanation of benefits indicating what has or has not been paid.
    5. Make a copy of explanation of benefits and bring that with a copy of the corresponding bill to Business Services. Remember, Niagara's insurance company requires an explanation of benefits for every bill and will not pay anything unless an explanation of benefits from your insurance company is provided.
    6. Continue to work with Business Services, 716.286.8366, to resolve outstanding balances, continuing bills, check on status of what is needed, etc.
  • Vending

    If you have any problems with any food vending machines on Campus please contact: Maria Hamilton at 286-8366.