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Mission and Goals


The biological sciences involve the study of the origins, growth, reproduction, structure and function of all living organisms and environments they live within. Discoveries in Biology are playing a pivotal role in advancing human knowledge and understanding of the forms and phenomena of life and its processes. In particular, the application of biological products and operations to the human condition has profoundly benefited mankind. These scientific advances are dwarfed, however, particularly in bioinformatics and genomic, hold for understanding the science of life.

At Niagara University we strive to give a competitive education to our students to prepare them for all facets of life. We offer unique opportunities to our students including undergraduate research opportunities, co-op and internship opportunities with local businesses, and research collaborations with many quality laboratories including Roswell Park Cancer Institute.


Our goals in the Biology Department are to prepare students to go on to professional institutions, or seek rewarding careers in the biology world. In order to achieve these goals the biology department provides:

  • Pre-professional education and training in medicine, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy, optometry, biomedical and health sciences, and environmental sciences.
  • An integrated, contemporary knowledge of biology in preparation for graduate degrees and careers in research, industry, education, and business. There are many opportunities outside of the classroom for students to get a feeling for life in the workplace. Students can perform internships, co-ops or shadow practicing professionals in an area of interest. In the past students have worked at the Aquarium of Niagara, USDA Veterinary Health Inspection Services, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Invitrogen, and Tifft Nature Preserve, as well as numerous other medical, veterinary, dental, pharmaceutical and optometry practices.
  • Tomorrow's environmental leaders are learning to apply their knowledge today at Niagara University. Ecology and environmental sciences focus on the interactions of humans and the changing environment, including focuses on Lake Ecology and Conservation Biology.