Big Changes with Rewarding Results

by Andrea Abbate on February 15, 2019
Big Changes with Rewarding Results

Andrea Abbate is a student in the Master's of Education in School Counseling

My experience at Niagara has been positively life-changing thus far. Prior to applying to Grad School, I lost my full time job. As a 22 year old looking for direction in regards to what my next step would be, the future terrified me.  I loved my background in social work, however I always felt as if there was an element missing. With needing guidance and a new direction while still being able to utilize my passions and strengths, I found myself in the office of Dr. Foote, the Dean of the College of Education.

Since my first interaction with the Dean and Assistant Dean, I felt supported and listened to. It was evident that they cared for their prospective and current students. After hearing about the School Counseling Program, I fell in love. The hands-on practicum/internship experiences, the in depth and thought-provoking classes, as well as the idea of utilizing my love for kids in a school setting convinced me to pursue my Master’s in School Counseling. Around the time that I lost my job, there was an open position as a Graduate Assistant in the College of Education. My prior experience in admissions and counseling fueled the initiative in me to apply.

After completing about half of my Master’s degree and working as a GA in the Deans Office, I have learned skills that I will carry with me not only in my future career as a school counselor, but in my personal life as well. I am overjoyed with my experience at Niagara so far and I am thoroughly excited to get up, go to work, and learn in class every day. This positive change in my life has impacted me in so many ways and it makes me that much more excited for my future!

For more information on the Master's of Education in School Counseling, please contact the College of Education Office at or 716.286.8336.