Beginning Practicum

Beginning Practicum

Last week, I began the third semester in my school counseling program, as well as my practicum placement at the Dr. Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence – School 89 in Buffalo, N.Y.

As part of my semester practicum, I will be placed in elementary, middle and high school settings. I will be working directly with a school counselor in the building at these placements.

I have only attended my placement one day so far, but I have witnessed so many things and learned so much! Immediately after entering into School 89, I could tell the overall community of the school was very different than my own middle school. To experience different school settings in such a unique way will greatly assist me in becoming better able to effectively support my own future students. 

In my first day, I had the opportunity to sit through a meeting with a parent and the school psychiatrist, as well as work with students directly! 

I am beginning to understand why these practical placements are so crucial to my future success as a school counselor – I am already looking forward to next week!