Minor Requirements

Our minor in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies consists of four sequential language courses and a Deaf Culture course. This minor will compliment any major. 

  1. ASL 100: Introduction to ASL and Deaf Studies
  2. ASL 200: Applied ASL 1 (prerequisite ASL 100)
  3. ASL 201: Applied ASL 2 (prerequisites ASL 100, ASL 200)
  4. ASL 202: Applied ASL 3 (prerequisites ASL 100, ASL 200, ASL 201)
  5. ASL 310: Deaf Studies (prerequisite ASL 100)

We encourage students to declare the minor early, as it allows better access to updates, activities, and a minor advisor. The minor can be declared on the academic tab of myNU.


Orientation leaders who are part of our program