ASL Club & Activities

Movie Night8

ASL Club

We encourage all students to join the ASL Club to take the skills they learn in the classroom and practice them in a relaxed environment. The club participates in both on and off campus events to foster a connection between an academic skill and real life situations. No signing experience is necessary to join the club.


  • Silent bowling
  • Sit, sip, and sign
  • Deaf socials
  • Silent dinner
  • Sign Idol
  • Deaf Awareness Week activities
  • Silent game night
  • Deaf movie outings
  • Various guest presenters - i.e, Trix Bruce, Amber Galloway, Sunshine 2.0
  • Attend off campus events - i.e., Nyle DiMarco, Katie LeClerc, Sheena McFeely, JJ Jones

Silent Dinner