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Ask an Eagle → Timothy Hinsken

Timothy  Hinsken

Timothy Hinsken

Alden, NY

Why I Chose NU

I chose NU because I felt the family atmosphere the minute I stepped foot on campus. The entire campus is a very welcoming community and truly does feel like a second home to me. The close-knit bonds I have formed with not only other students, but with faculty and staff as well are unparalleled to any other university.

I was also very impressed by Niagara’s hands-on approach to all majors and the faculty’s desire to get students involved with their major’s area of work as soon as possible. In their nursing department, specifically, students begin taking nursing classes their first semester and are able to be a step ahead of other students who have not had any nursing experience until their sophomore or junior year.

NU is an amazing university and community that I am proud to be a part of.

Campus Involvement

I am a community advisor (CA) in O’Shea Hall, an orientation leader, a tutor, a tour guide, a member of the Student Nurses Association, and the president of NU Soar Throats a cappella group!

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