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Ask an Eagle → Ariana Zapata

Ariana  Zapata

Ariana Zapata

Palos Hills, IL

My Favorite Place on Campus

My favorite place to go on campus is the Gallagher Center. I love to grab an iced coffee from Tim Hortons and a table to sit at with my friends. Outside of the library, I probably spend most of my time in the Gallagher Center. I always see some friendly faces and never end up sitting alone!

My Most Meaningful Experience at NU

One of my most meaningful experiences so far at Niagara would have to actually be a building activity that was held in my dorm, O’Shea Hall. All of our community advisors put together a little event around Halloween. There was Mario Kart, apple cider slushies, and, of course, some snacks. It was a pretty good way to meet some new people, and I had a good time with the friends I had made so far. It meant a lot that it was put together, especially being so far from home.

Campus Involvement

Being from so far away – the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois – I came to Niagara not knowing a single person. I knew it was important for me to take part in things that I enjoyed and fit my personality. The first weekend of school, there was a club fair hosted right next to the Kiernan Center. I walked from table to table learning about a lot of different groups here on campus. I ended up joining the Student Nurses Association, American Chemical Society, and Alpha Sigma Alpha, one of two sororities on campus. Becoming involved on campus has made my time at Niagara better than I could have imagined. It is in these groups that I have found my closest friends! Not only this, I have also assisted around the community with fundraising and volunteering with each club. These experiences have taught me a lot and have even furthered my aspirations of becoming a nurse to advocate for others.


Outside of schoolwork, I enjoy doing many things. I love to go hiking or on scenic walks with friends, especially around campus! The Niagara Gorge Trail is the perfect place to de-stress and get some exercise in. I also enjoy shopping, thrifting, and upcycling clothes. This gives me something to do in my free time that I can also show off every day.

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