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Ashleigh Robertson, ’16, Celebrates Her Special Day on Monteagle Ridge

  • on August 12, 2019
  • by Lisa McMahon, MA'09
Ashleigh Robertson, ’16, and her friends on her wedding day.

Ashleigh Robertson, ’16, and her friends on her wedding day.

When Ashleigh Robertson, ’16, began to make plans for her July 20, 2019, wedding with her fiancé, Alyx Reynolds, she knew she wanted Niagara University to be part of the celebration.

“NU was like a home for me,” she said. “I loved spending time there, and I never wanted to leave. I wanted to share my special day at the place that was special to me.”

So she reached out to Niagara University’s Center for Conferences and Events, and four months later, was enjoying a beautiful reception in the Russell J. Salvatore Dining Commons on campus, the first ever hosted in the new dining addition.

Ashleigh’s special day included staying in her former apartment and hosting a rehearsal dinner at Dwyer Arena. Both held special memories for her.

“It felt like I was back in college,” she said. “Everything fell right into place--I would sit in the chair the way I used to. I slept in the same room. It just helped put me at ease and got me relaxed for the wedding.

“From second semester freshman year until I graduated, I was at Dwyer almost every day,” she continued. “It was a second home at NU and I wanted to share that with my family.”

Ashleigh and husband for webAshleigh and her mother took care of the invitations and flowers, and Susan Strzalkowski, assistant director of the center, worked with a team of students to make the decorations. Ashleigh’s former roommate Chelsea Anderson, ’16, was a member of the bridal party, and friends Andrea Burdick, ’13, Ashley Gladney, ’14, and Amy Waldron, ’14, returned to Monteagle Ridge to celebrate.

“The special events office went above and beyond for the reception,” Ashleigh said. “Everything was better than I could have imagined. The food was amazing; the decorations were just perfect. They took all my ideas and made them a reality. I just loved having my wedding weekend up at the place that I called home for four years, and share that place with the one I love. I am so grateful to have gone to a school like NU and to have a beautiful place to hold my wedding.”

If you're interested in hosting your wedding on campus, contact Sue Strzalkowski at 716.286.8709 or