Writing Center

At the Writing Center, you’ll find dedicated staff and student tutors who love to talk about writing.

The Writing Center offers tutoring beginning from the third week of each semester until exams begin. Writing tutors work with students on all aspects of the writing process, from understanding the assignment requirements to planning, organizing, documenting, and revising drafts.

While tutors do not correct or proofread papers for students, they can recommend a variety of strategies and resources to help students with their drafts-in-progress.  

Appointments are usually 30 minutes in length, and students are welcomed to the Writing Center on a drop-in basis if there are no scheduled appointments at the time. Students are encouraged to make an appointment, however, and this can be done through myNU.

The Writing Center closed for spring 2020 semester on Monday, May 4, 2020. If you need help with a paper between May 4-June 30, 2020, contact Martha Krupa at 716.286.8075. If you need help with a paper after June 30, contact Sharon Green at 716.286.8071.