Mission and Goals

As an academic and professional program within the department of theatre and fine arts, the mission of the art history with museum studies program is to satisfy the department's objectives to foster the study of the arts and humanities and the pursuit of academic excellence while, at the same time, preparing students for professional entry-level work.

Skills, knowledge and competencies students will have acquired upon successful completion of all courses required in this program include:

  1. Demonstrated ability to critically analyze visual culture and the diverse histories of art.
  2. Demonstrated ability to write organized papers that show creative thinking and employ the basic research methods appropriate to this major.
  3. Demonstrated ability to think critically and conceptually and to express ideas clearly and effectively.
  4. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively on class projects, art exhibitions, or in professional settings.
  5. Demonstrated understanding of how art fits into larger cultural histories and provides a context for understanding cultural diversity, as well as social, political and economic issues.
  6. Demonstrated knowledge of the core concepts, critical developments, and methodologies in the fields of art history and museology.
  7. Demonstrated preparedness for entry-level positions in museums and other nonprofit cultural organizations or graduate study in a chosen field of specialization.

Art History with Museum Studies