Applying For A Letter Of Recommendation

Ordinarily, students are interviewed by the Committee on Recommendations for Premedical and Predental Students during the spring semester. In order to help the committee learn more about you, you must do the following prior to scheduling your interview with the committee:

  1. Fill out completely the application for an interview by the committee on recommendations for premedical and predental students. Make sure that you indicate whether or not you wish to retain your right to view the committee letter after it has been written. Return a printed, signed application  to our pre-health secretary on or before Jan. 20. The committee application can be obtained from our pre-health secretary in Room 244 of the Golisano Center. If the completed application is not submitted by Jan. 20, an interview with the committee during the spring semester cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Ensure that a minimum of three letters of recommendation from individuals who are not members of the pre-health committee are on file for you at the pre-health program (Room 244). Suitable individuals may include science and non-science faculty, healthcare professionals and others who are well qualified to evaluate your skills and abilities, personal character and disposition, moral qualities and values.  
  3. All letters of recommendation should be addressed to the chairperson of the committee (Chairperson, Committee on Recommendations for PreMedical and PreDental Students, P.O. Box 2032, Niagara University, NY 14109). All letters must be placed in a sealed envelope by the recommender and mailed directly to the chairperson of the the committee. All three letters of recommendation should be received by Feb. 4. If all three letters are not received by Feb. 4, an interview with the committee during the spring semester cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Once the application and letters of recommendation have been received, request that a committee interview be scheduled by our pre-health secretary.