Apartment Selection

Living in the Eagle Circle Apartments on campus is a wonderful experience! The apartments house four students each in single bedrooms with a shared kitchen and common space. Apartment selection is a competitive process, so we're doing our best to make it fair, clear and simple. Here's what you need to know if you're looking for an apartment:

  • There is an application process before the actual Room Selection Event to determine in advance who gets an apartment. Applications are available March 12 and due March 15 at 4 p.m. to the Office of Residence Life.
  • Only rising juniors, rising seniors and rising graduate students are eligible.
  • The apartments do not come with a standard meal plan, however apartment residents may purchase a commuter meal plan of their choice.
  • Only applications of complete groups (full groups of four) will be accepted for an apartment.
  • Accepted groups will be invited to attend an Apartments-Only Room Selection Event where you'll be able to pick your actual suite and bedrooms in seniority order.
  • After Move-In Day, apartment residents are responsible for cleaning their own space (including bathrooms). Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, soap, etc. will not be provided.  The University will still provide maintenance to the apartments as needed.

On March 16, Residence Life will contact each group leader to let them know whether or not their apartment application has been accepted. It is the responsibility of each contact person to notify their group of the results, and to inform them of their group's selection time if applicable. Should a group miss it's selection time, the next group in the selection order will be eligible to choose an apartment and you will be bypassed. If you cannot attend your assigned time, please contact Residence Life in advance about a proxy in order to retain your spot in selection order.

Apartments are granted based on seniority order, and only to as many groups as we have available apartments. The order is as follows:

  • 4 Rising Graduate Students
  • Mixed Groups of Rising Grads and below
  • 4 Rising Seniors
  • 3 Rising Seniors / 1 Rising Junior
  • 2 Rising Seniors / 2 Rising Juniors
  • 1 Rising Senior / 3 Rising Juniors
  • 4 Rising Juniors

When groups are tied within their seniority group (for example, when there are multiple groups of four rising seniors), their group's best lottery number will determine who picks first. Remember, because of the limited availability and competitive application process, we may not be able to offer all groups an apartment, even if listed above. There will however be a wait list should students choose to remain in consideration.

Apartments 1

Apartments 3

Apartments Bedroom 2