Alumni Spotlights

Analisa Singroy, M.S.’10, investigates Ontario’s lawyers and paralegals to maintain and advance the cause of justice

June 28, 2018 by Lisa M. McMahon, MA'09

In the legal system, lawyers and paralegals are charged with ensuring justice is done for their clients. But who ensures that these professionals meet the required standards of conduct, competence, and capacity to perform their duties? The Law Society of Ontario, and investigators like Analisa Singroy, MS’10.

As an investigator in the Law Society’s Enforcement Department, Analisa looks into allegations such as professional misconduct, competence issues, and unauthorized practice of law. Through research and interviews, she determines the appropriate strategies and responses to the situation at hand. It’s a job she finds both unique and exciting, and appeals to her interest in thoroughly exploring a problem to find the best solution.

“There is never a dull moment,” she says of her role. “Every file is unique, every situation is different. I appreciate that my job is challenging, because I enjoy learning these things and, most importantly, I find that my job offers me personally a sense of accomplishment.”

Analisa was working in a law firm when she met a Niagara University alumnus who recommended she consider enrolling in the university’s master’s degree program in criminal justice. She took him up on his suggestion and, once she visited the campus, she says, “I knew right there that I wanted to proceed with my graduate studies and that Niagara was the place I wanted to be.”

Analisa credits her time at Niagara with preparing her to take on the leadership role she has with the Law Society, including helping her develop skills that are essential in her job, such as obtaining and analyzing complex information and writing concise, well-organized papers. Now that she has achieved her career goal, she is focusing her attention on learning as much as she can about the work. She also has a passion for teaching, so she hopes to do so at a local college someday. 

But for now, she is enjoying her current job, is grateful to Niagara University for the opportunities it offered her, and is paying forward the advice she, herself, received.

“I would recommend the program to potential students, much as it was recommended to me,” she says. “It’s an amazing program, it’s well put together, the support that comes out of that program, for me, was exceptional.”