An Enhancing College Experience

by Camila Alvarado on November 15, 2021
An Enhancing College Experience

Camila Alvarado is a graduate student in the MBA program with concentrations in both Strategic Management and Strategic Marketing. She is also working as a graduate assistant in the Graduate College of Business Office

Deciding on our career paths is probably, if not, the most challenging part of adulthood. However, NU can assure your future with support and guidance. As an undergraduate I was offered with many opportunities to grow within the community; although home was 8 hours away NU made me feel welcomed and appreciated. My relationship with teachers encouraged me to aspire for bigger things. I was able to get out of my comfort zone and go study abroad to Peru at the end of my freshman year for 11 weeks. Thanks to the influence from instructors I was able to help with the development of the Famvin mapping project in my sophomore through junior year. With all these and other experiences I knew I wanted to continue my education at NU. During my last semester of my undergrad, I decided to apply for the GA position to begin my MBA in the spring of 2020. The admissions committee was exceptional and they hired me as a work study to prepare me for my GA position in the spring.

As a work study at the College of Business I was responsible for managing the social media and “The Niagarable'', student blog, for the department. Since my concentration is strategic marketing, I was able to put into practice everything I learned in the classroom, it was very rewarding!

Currently, I am a graduate assistant. Now my responsibilities have changed to working along with instructors. With this position I am exposed to all the different concentrations the MBA offers, learning about all the benefits of the programs I decided to take a new concentration in strategic management. What influenced me to add this concentration is the courses I have taken and my mentorship.

Besides the exceptional curriculum the graduate program offers, the department offered me a career mentorship program. My mentor is an NU alum that completed her MBA in supply chain. My ambition for achieving my goals grew after learning about her experience during and after her MBA. This program also offers me opportunities to network with potential employers and learn about how to improve my personal brand.

I can truly say that I’m honored to be a purple eagle. If you want a rewarding career and unique experience, NU is the place!

Picture of Camila at undergraduate graduation

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