Amenities & Services

Students enjoying themselves in a residence hall lounge.

NU I.D. Card and Keys

Card access buildings require the use of your university I.D. card to enter the exterior doors of the building.  

The NU I.D. card serves as your primary form of on-campus identification; use it to do things like check out library resources, access your meal plan and utilize the Kiernan Recreation Center, just to name a few! It is your responsibility to carry your student I.D. with you at all times and present it to any university staff, including hall staff. If your card is lost or stolen, you should log onto your myNU account and freeze all card services and must notify the I.D. card office.


You will be issued a key to your assigned room. Keys are your responsibility and are not to be given to others. You are required to return all keys issued when you check out. If you lose a key, you are responsible for the cost of changing the lock(s) and key replacement. It is a violation of university policy to duplicate a key to any lock on university property.

You will be charged a lockout fee, per occurrence. If you are locked out of your room, contact a community advisor to perform a lockout. You will need to provide photo identification or information so that staff members may verify that you are a resident of the room.

Kitchenette Facilities

Limited cooking facilities are available in the halls; you are expected to keep the kitchenettes clean and in proper working order. Most of our kitchenettes are equipped with a sink and microwave.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are located in all halls and are free of charge. Facilities are also equipped with LaundryView, an Internet application that allows you to monitor the status of washers and dryers in connected laundry rooms through a web browser. Students can view the availability of machines, receive text message alert when laundry is complete and browse through green tips and help in doing laundry. Students should promptly report any machine malfunction to the Office of Business Services.  

Bathrooms Facilities

Usually located either in the center of a wing or at the end of a corridor, all residence hall bathrooms are single gender. The number of bathrooms varies depending on the size of the hall. They include multiple sinks with mirrors, separate showers (with curtains) and toilet stalls with doors. The number of toilets, sinks and showers also vary, depending upon the number of resident rooms per floor. Bathrooms are cleaned and maintained daily even on the weekends.

Maintenance  Request

In the event maintenance work is needed in your room, or within your community, you should fill out the online "Facility Service-Work Request" form located under the "Residence Life" section of your myNU account.  


Rooms in all university residence halls are equipped with one Ethernet port per person as well as a wireless network. This is your direct connection to the university's high-speed Internet. There is no additional cost for this service other than the cost of equipping your computer to make use of it.

Bring your own computer equipped with wireless or Ethernet card. For more information, check out the Information Technology Center.

Cable Television

Each room is equipped with one cable outlet providing extended cable. All TV content is broadcast in high definition (HD). Students are responsible for providing all equipment necessary to operate cable, including an QAM-capable television that accepts HD signaling. Any cables or wiring needed is recommended to be at least 10-feet long to allow for convenient placement. If more than one television is desired for a room, we recommend purchasing a cable splitter. Download the helpful "TV on Campus" guide that includes information about OAM tuners and all channels featured on campus TVs.


Residence Life recycles aluminum, plastic, white paper, newspaper and cardboard. Due to the potential risk factor, Residence Life does not recycle glass. Centralized recycling bins are located within or near your residence halls so you can easily transport items to be recycled from your room to these convenient locations.  

Telephone Service

Local service to each room is provided free of charge. Although many students bring personal cell phones to campus, you are encouraged to bring a landline phone for your room. This will allow university offices to reach you, assist in cases of emergency (through enhanced 911) and ensure telephone service in a power outage.

Long Distance Calls

Dial the entire seven digit number.

Residence Life does not provide residents with long-distance calling services. You may purchase your own prepaid calling card for use in the halls, or use your cell phone to make long-distance calls. Prepaid calling cards are available at the  University Bookstore.

Emergency Calls

Emergency calls should always be placed to Campus Safety at 716.286.8111. Please do not hesitate to contact an on-duty staff member at anytime with questions or immediate concerns.  


Students have a variety of vending machines with a wide assortment of products. Most of the machines are operated by using money on your NU I.D. Card. Misuse or vandalism of the machines can result in a individual or hall-wide damage charge. You may add funds on your account via myNU or by visiting the online card office.

Lost and Found

If you lose or find items, report them immediately to a community advisor or Campus Safety. At the end of the academic year, all items found in common areas or left behind in a resident's room will be donated to a charitable organization.


Niagara University has a United States Post Office conveniently located on campus. Visit the Mailing and Shipping webpage for more information on sending packages as well as renting your own P.O. Box.