The minor in Africana Studies requires the completion of 6 courses (or 18 credit hours) in the following:

  • AFR 100/HIS 105 Introduction to Africana Studies

4 elective courses (or 12 credit hours) from the list of approved courses focusing on thematic or historical issues of the African Diaspora.   Courses not listed with a significant emphasis on Africana issues may be approved at the discretion of the program coordinator.

AFR 100/HIS 105 - Introduction to Africana Studies

CMS 335 - Investigating and Reporting for the Media

CMS 354 - International Communication

CMS 363 - Stereotyping in the Media

FRE 306 - Literature and Culture of Francophone Africa

AFR 220/HIS 220 - Africa in World History

AFR 273/HIS 273 - Rise of Black America

AFR 338/HIS 338 - The Atlantic World, 1400-1760

AFR 380/HIS 380 - West Africa Study Abroad Seminar

AFR 346/HIS 346 - Modern Africa

AFR 374/HIS 374 - Civil Rights

POL 362 - Political Development

POL 398 - African Politics

SOC 231 - Contemporary Black Families I

SOC 232 - Contemporary Black Families II

SOC 325 - Race and Ethnicity

SOC 431 - Seminar in the Black Family I

SOC 432 - Seminar in the Black Family I

A research project integrating Africana Studies into career goals through one of three options:

  • AFR 493/HIS 493 Practicum in Africana Studies
  • Through a co-op, independent study, or internship overseen by the department of the student's major and approved by the program coordinator.
  • Through participation in an study abroad program approved by the program coordinator
  • Through a senior thesis or capstone project approved by the Africana Studies minor program coordinator.