Program Information

So how do we assist students in selecting a major? Individualized advisement appointments with a professional advisor! Students have the opportunity to meet their advisor as often as needed. AEP students work with one advisor the entire time they are in the program.  Minimally, students are asked to come in three times per semester.  During these appointments, the student’s strengths and passions are explored, in addition to their volunteer, club and organization, athletic and work experiences. Together, the advisor and student select courses that allow the student to research areas of interest while fulfilling university requirements.

The exploration process begins in the freshman year with the Strong Interest Inventory (career assessment). Students can also interview university professors and career professionals. In addition, they may participate in campus career events, complete online research, volunteer with our Impact Office, or attend a class lecture in a course within a prospective major.

AEP helps students make life-changing decisions and affirms students’ individual talents. It is a great way to sample the rich variety of academic life at NU before declaring a major. Students will receive support, resources and guidance from their advisors throughout their time in the program.